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How do you get rid of your man tities?
ive tryed everything but i dont know how to get rid of them....
i used to be a little chubby and then i lost weight but not my man tities...

help please.....

any suggestions...

The best way to do this is to start a regement of exercise that focuses on two main points of empathsis:
1. Cardio - namely jobbing or running
2. Upper body - name pectorial or chest

The upper body workout will increase the muscle mass and help thin the dormant fat away while the cardio increases your overall body health and continued movement of body mass from fat to muscle and improves condition and tone of your body.
Talking to little cousin about dieting?
today my aunt asked me to talk to my cousin about his eating habits, and loosing weight. He isn't obese, but over the past year and a half his eating habits haven't been the best. He eats a lot of crap, cookiees, loves pasta, dressings, the whole 9 yards. he's gonna be 12 in october, is about 5"2 and anywhere between 125-130 pounds. Like I said, he isn't fat, but I have noticed the weight gain, he's got a little belly, tities, and a chin. My other cousin is an *** and always calls him fat, and it upsets him. My aunt wants me to talk to him but idk how to, because he is a very stubborn and spoiled little boy, both of my cousins are. I mean I am a bit of a health nut myself, having lost over 100 pounds, but my cousin is VERY VERY spoiled, please gimme tips on how to talk to him. He isn't in extreme danger of being obese, but I fear that if he doesn't change his habits, then he will grow up with them, I rather he loose weight now, then when he is in his teens like I did, because it ruins you.

ha. i remeber when i was that age, height and 140 pounds. so many guys made fun of me (as of now im 110 and 5'7 female) and mostly my family. my vicious family. they just told me: put down the F*cking fork. get off your **s. man they were so mean!! >:(

alright im sorry if this runs a litle long. i have lots to say! :D

1)you have to tlak to him ASAP. this can develop an extreme eating disorder, low selfconfidence and depression (AKA ME!). so please talk to him :D

2) the best way to approach it. you have to pull him aside and have a heart to heart talk. explain to him the "weight watchers" guid line: EVERYTHING CAN BE EATEN, IN MODERATION.

meaning instead of eating 20 oreos, just have 1 100 calorie snack pack- the pre-packaged ones!

also tell him the golden rule: a salad a day keeps the fat away! meaning eat SALAD. lots of it. it fills you up REALLY quickly and you pig out less on junk food and other unourishing foods.
also ty to get him to make healthier changes (so he doesnt cut anything out)

ice cream (hagendaz, ben and jerrys...)-- frozen yogurt (tcby...)
chips- veggie chips, airpopped pocorn
chocolate bars- small square sof dark chocolate
cookies and junk- 100 calorie snack packs

and i could go on but i wont :D
your a health nut, give him some of your tips. make sure he grows up aware of foods, but not OBSESSED. mak sure he doesnt become health-crazy.

as for the pasta, he can have a serving but he has to have salad before it. thats the golden rule!

as for losing weight at the moment, he has to do that himself, if he REALLY wants to lose, he will. if he doesnt- well, he wont. you can ask him his feelings on this too. say youll help him if he needs.

also DONT put him down. thats a MEAN thing to do. always motivate him and tlel him: THAT HE CAN DO IT!! cheer him on, raise his confidence! bring him UP!! its the BEST thing you can do for a guy.

anyways i hope i helped, if you need anything else just email me:D
Ok, i have a 2 yr old cat, and a 3 wk old kitten help?
the 2 yr old is a female(lullaby), and we just found out that the 3 wk old is a female(slippers)(see bottom question). we spoiled lullaby, and she hisses whe slippers gets to close. lullaby is(bold and underlined)letting slippers gets close, but she isn't being friendly. She looks likes she is going to pounce, but she doesn't. is there any way that we can help the process?, and will lullaby and slippers ever be "friends".....

also, do boys have little tities like the females do?
A three week old kitten is a handful. Lots of work to help her survive. I only hope you are experienced with this, and if not, please get on and they will give all the info you will need. I thank you and you hubby for being so caring, and saving a little life. This old world needs more folks like you. Thanks again.
I have boy tities?
I'm not a huge fat pig but im not athletic body type with six pakcs. im average weight but I have little **** and they are somehow visable on my shirts. How can I make them go away? Are there any particular excesizes that i can do to lower the fat in my chests? like running and jogging is that good?
Perhaps you could wear a "Bro" or the "Manziere"
How to change my body alittle bit?>!!?
Okay im kind of skinny i mean dont get it twisted i got a little junk in my trunk..But i want my hips to be a little wider...And my butt to stick out alittle more...Is there any kind of exercises that can help??i mean i was watchn Parental Control and this boy tried to show the girl the exercise..And are there any foods too?and maybe to get bigger tities???Alll Natural thoe
Hey, If you eat more your boobs will get bigger( i know thats soo wierd) What you need to do inorder to lift your butt is to do toning exercises such as:

Exercise #1: Standing Butt Blaster
Beginners: Stand up, using a chair back or kitchen counter for support. Bend your right knee slightly, lift your heel off the floor, point your toes and rest your big toe down (a bit behind you). Lift your right leg behind you by rotating it out from your hip and extending it back until your bum feels taut. Return to the start. Do 15 times, then repeat on the left. Rest a minute, then do another set of 15 on each side.
Advanced: For a more challenging position, take the supporting chair away.

Exercise #2: Kneeling Butt Lift
Beginners: Start in the same position as for Hamstring CUrls, kneeling on your knees and elbows. Keeping your right leg bent at 90 degrees, extend it back and up to hip height, so the sole of that foot faces the ceiling. Focus on squeezing your butt cheek as hard as you can at the top of the move. Return your knee to the floor. Repeat on the left. Do 15 to 20 times on each side.
Advanced: Do the same move as for Beginners, but instead of working from a bent-knee position, extend your leg fully and lift, keeping your foot flexed and leg straight.

Exercise #3: Lying Butt Lift
Beginners: Lie on the floor, placing a large rolled-up towel underneath your hips. Adjust the towel to make your back feel comfortable. Bend your right leg at a 90-degree angle from the knee. Push your heel up towards the ceiling, lifting your knee off the floor and squeezing your bum. Return your knee to the floor. Repeat on left. Do 15 to 20 times on each side.
Advanced: Get on your knees and elbows and then bend your right leg to a 90-degree angle at the knee. Push your heel up towards the ceiling, lifting your knee off the floor and squeezing your bum. Repeat on the left.

I hope I helped.......Good luck
My dog keeps attacking my other dog.?
My female dog is on her period. We used one of the age old tricks of slappin a pad onto a pair of little boys' "whitey tities" and sticking her tail out of the hole. It prevents her from bleeding all over my house and also helps prevent my male dog from getting at her.

Only problem is that she keeps yelping at charging at his face and biting him! What does this mean??
He is near her and she is b****y (that's where the word came from) and doesn't want him around. At any moment she could change her tune and decide she DOES want him, so it's best to keep them separated from day one until she is done.
Help please need opinions !!?
do guyys like girls with big nipples or little cause i have small tities and big pepporoni ooking nipples do guys ike that or na??
You sound sizzling hot! I love girls with big pepperoni-looking nipples! Most guys love this, too! Also, these girls are much more photographically exciting and my models with big nipples are in higher demand! So, if you wanted to model, you'd have an advantage over girls with smaller nipples!

Want proof about guys liking them more? Wear a tight thin white blouse without a bra on that shows your nipples underneath and see what kind of reaction you get from the many hot guys who see you! You'll quickly discover that I'm right! Good luck and have fun, baby!
Um im skinny but i have?
a little fat on my stomach and small man tities im 106 lbs and 5 ft 4 how do i lose that?

HOPE IT HELPED...... ; )
2.)other friends do this.?
i ams so 13, not a little guy, and hello who r YOU to say i dont have hair down there?! ive my period for two years, and im bushier that ur mamas tities
Go for Brazilian wax.

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