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I have a fetish with people sitting/squashing me. ADVICE!?!?
ok, so i am 19 years old and live in kansas. I am a cheerleader and i get really good grades. I am bisexual and so is one of my sisters. My older sister is 26 and really fat and lazy but really pretty. She weighs over180 pounds. She is dating a girl who is a little younger than her and only like 130 pounds. They have a master-slave relationship and my older sister has a sitting fetish. She is obsessed with sitting on top of her girlfriend. I am exactly the same way with my girlfriend, except i'm the one that liked being sat on. I weigh 124 and my gf weighs 176. She always handcuffs me, throws me on her bed and sits on my stomach or back for hours eating or watching tv. I'm not sure why she likes it, but i crave it. I love her sitting on top of me. She tells me im her "slave" and that she is in charge of me. She is also threatening to break up with me. So, i have a few questions
1) what she i do to get her to not break up with me(I'll do whatever) (she usu sally likes it when i strip down to just bra/panty and let her ride and sit on me all day and call her queen and master)
2) what satisfaction does she get out of making me her slave and sitting on me?
thanks sooo much
please comment and tell me your stories please i'll give you lots of points.
i personally think you should let her go.. she obviously only likes it when you call her master which is a little demanding. she doesnt seem like she shares the same love you have for her.

just my opinion..
Is this clear enough and not too morbid?
she pulled up and parked.

as she lit a cigarette, she thought about all the hours left in the day, and all the things left undone.

she thought about her neighbor, a strange cat lady, and how her ridiculous amount of cats made the building stink, and how her downstairs neighbor cooked meth in his kitchen, and how sadly ironic it was that a drug-addict was constantly slaving over the stove and always growing thinner.

she thought about the school guyren, and how some of them would go home to a nice, warm meal and a bedtime story, while others went home to a beating and an empty stomach, while still others went home and killed themselves while their parents were arguing downstairs or ******* down the hall.

she thought about the lovers in the cafes, and how they'd smile at each other across the table, maybe ask the waiter to take a picture of them, knowing he wouldn't notice how one of the boy's hands was still under the table, knowing the girl would keep her face composed for the picture while his fingers pushed aside her panties.

she thought how she'd never felt so lonely in her life, listening to the train whistle cry. she watched the sun begin to dip below the horizon and the full moon appear on the other side of the sky, hanging her tragic head.

she stubbed out her cigarette and reclined the seat. time to stop thinking, it was making her feel more down.

out the driver side window, a light was slowly starting to brighten. it got brighter and brighter, until it was blinding. she looked out the window, and the light caught the back of her pupils, making them redden like in a photograph.

she smiled, like having her picture taken, the flash going off. her final thought, the last one, was how beautiful it was to be caught in god's headlights.
How unfortunate to have a grasp of language but so little understanding of it's use. LOL
Is this normal for hispanic culture?
a Latina, who i thought was my gf, invited me over last friday night. i thought it was a date, but apparently it was not. when i arrived, (nicely dressed and flowers in hand mind you) ready for a night of dancing and fun, the Latina ordered me to strip down to nothing and put on a pair of her pink panties. then she had me get down on my hands and knees and clean her bathroom, especially focusing on getting her toilet sparkling clean.

for about an hour i slaved away, cleaning everything as if i was a maid. the Latina did not say another word to me for that hour, and I could hear her on the phone in her bedroom laughing and having fun. suddenly she appeared in the bathroom doorway just as i was finishing scrubbing the Latina's toilet. she stood there with her hands on her hips and pointed to the door. i was confused, so i asked "are we leaving for the club now baby?"

"I certainly am, but your not" she responded. i just kind of stared at her with my mouth wide open, stunned. since i wasn't moving, she got aggressive and walked over to me and started shoving me towards the door. "good cleaning job you little white maid" the Latina said. "But now you need to get out because i have to get ready for my date with a real man."

i started whimpering like a little ***** because it was obvious i was just used. she got a little compassion in her and calmly explained the whole story. she had a date with a Latino stud, and she needed to dress sexy for him because he is a real man and she wants his superior cock. since she would be looking so sexy in a thong and a short, tight, little mini skirt and a sluttly shirt that would expose most of her Latina breasts, i needed to leave. you see, whiteboy losers like me werent allowed to see her dressed so sexy; that was only for real man Latinos. But the Latina told me that once the night of dancing, drinking, and fun was done with her latino stud, she would bring him home and **** him all weekend long. so she would be calling me up on friday to clean the sheets. and sure enough, friday she did call me and after work i handwashed the bed sheets that reeked of Goddess and Real Man sex. so she clearly isnt my gf, but when i washed them she allowed me to see her in tight jeans and a black shirt, so i guess i should consider myself lucky!
My friend, I'm franco-hispanic, I live in Colombia, and, the culture we have is Westerner nor Hispanic, we just speak Spanish, now there are some people who think a "latino(a) is adark person" no actually you have to speak Spanish, French, Italian, Romanian, Portuguese etc. in order to be Latino. Now there's a problem, the fact that you see a *****, that used you, that treated you as made, that is practically a shallow slaver girl was a Latina, doesn't mean all the Latinos are like that. Now that's not normal, she must be an American that do not even know how to speak in any Latin-based language, maybe her parents are latinos, but that's not normal. Only a badass, and a bad-educated person would do that.

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